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New Year Tidings

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Wishing all our clients and customers a a great New Year.

New Bespoke Athame made to commission service - we now offer multiple drop-down options on all our athames.

Modern Handfasting - a new book by Liz - available in the Esoteric General section for now! And yes we DO conduct handfastings, but get in quickly - our services are suddenly in demand - which may or may not be anything to do with the fact that it is a good book!

Online courses are available on a wide range of subjects, and we also do Tarot readings and bespoke spellwork.

NB - Jewellery supplies are low at present, and some ranges are not fully available - we may have to substitute..

Herbal Supplies - we have the largest range in Europe - quality
raw herbs (Western and Chinese), Essential Oils, plus Tinctures, Powders and glycerites.

CLOTHES - Robes & cloaks  - now made to your order, in a choice of colours and materials. A range of medieval style dresses and Pirate shirts.

BOOKS - old and new - Occult and obscure esoteric titles, Magazine back-numbers, Folklore, Ghost books, Sci-Fi and more. We are slowly updating the online range - contact us for an up to date book list.


UK-made pagan items, artwork, including pyrographed and painted wooden altar plaques, staffs, runes, wands, and turned bowls & chalices.
Also a full range of athames & bolines.


Complete Pagan Celebrant Service -

For your HANDFASTING, Baby Naming, Pagan Funerals or indeed any Pagan Blessing ceremony. Services range from simply conducting the ceremony to supplies - contact us for details.






Be ye Wiccan, Solitary, Ceremonial, Druid, Shaman, Healer, Vodoun, Occultist, Eclectic -

whatever your path -

The Wheel turns - the days are getting longer.....



Please note we do NOT have visitor facilities, but we'll be happy to meet up with in Glastonbury if you wish to collect anything pre-ordered - any excuse for lunch in the George & Pilgrims - but as always please WARN US WELL IN ADVANCE.


WHOLESALE - We can offer a limited range - all our herbs, incenses & oils, spell kits, and a few of our in-house wooden product ranges.

Email for details.



to minimise our carbon footprint, and and comply with ongoing social contact rules. Courier collection can be arranged at extra cost if urgent.

Witchcraft Shop (est. 2003)

Magical practitioners, occultists, bibliophiles and curio collectors ourselves, we are dedicated to supplying only the finest quality goods, old and new, to the Pagan & esoteric community.


Who ARE Witchcraft? - meet Trevor Jones & Liz Williams


WITCHCRAFT ON THE ROAD - Road trips will be extremely limited till LATE-2022 - watch this space.....

TAROT READINGS, Green Man and Ogham readings,  and bespoke spellwork as always by email consultation



NO PHONE NUMBER (too deaf!)

For ALL correspondence, contact us on




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