Witchcraft/Pixie Tailor 7 Market Place, Glastonbury,

Cat & Cauldron 7 Market Place, Glastonbury

Purveyors of fine esoteric goods to the discerning witch

NEWS - 2018

Cat & Cauldron Shop

The Witchcraft Way

Cat & Cauldron is heading into autumn with some fresh stock and a warm welcome!

New Jewellery and pendants now being added - look out for introductory offers!!

TAROT READINGS and spellwork always by email consultation - if you  want a reading in person - ADVANCED APPOINTMENT ONLY PLEASE - Liz is not always in town!

Herbal Supplies - largest range in Europe - quality raw herbs, ESSENTIAL OILS and Tinctures. Now adding powders.


CLOTHES - Robes & cloaks in stock in many colours, and a fast made to order service. A small range of medieval dresses and Pirate shirts.

BOOKS - old and new - Top class Occult and obscure esoteric titles and magazine back-numbers. Also Ghost books, Sci-Fi 1st Eds and much more.
Email for an ever-changing stock list!

UK-made pagan items, artwork, clothing. Including pyrographed and painted wooden plaques, staffs, runes, wands, and turned bowls & chalices. Also a full range of athames & bolines.

A wide range of taxidermy, antiques and curios  which tend not to make it to the website - Email for current list or pictures!





Be ye Wiccan, Solitary, Ceremonial, Druid, Shaman, Healer, Vodoun, Eclectic -

whatever your Pagan path - HAIL & WELCOME!

The days are now shortening again, and the sun is getting lower. The Winds are stripping the leaves off the trees. Havest is in. Let the Carnival begin!



Please note we do NOT have a phone number because we are generally dealing with shop customers.


For ALL correspondence, contact us on - 






Witchcraft Shop (est. 2004), maintains a vibrant and very different retail emporium at the Cat & Cauldron, in the centre of Glastonbury, the heart of magical Avalon.

Magical practitioners/occultists, bibliophiles and curio collectors ourselves, we are dedicated to supplying only the finest quality goods, old and new, to the Pagan & esoteric community.

Who ARE Witchcraft? - meet Trevor Jones & Liz Williams

Complete Pagan Celebrant Service -

For your HANDFASTING, Baby Naming, Pagan Funerals or indeed any PAgn Blessing ceremony. Services range from simply conducting the ceremony to full event managment and of course supplies - contact us for details.



Plotting for a few event in 2019 -watch this space.....


PERSONAL VISITS - always welcome, but if you wish to see either of us in person - please WARN US WELL IN ADVANCE! WE may be out of town on other projects - unless we KNOW you are coming.

WHOLESALE - We offer a limited wholesale service on all our herbs & oils, and a few of our in-house product ranges.




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