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Witchcraft Personnel


A little about the people behind the counters!


Trevor Jones founded the Witchcraft Shop (parent company now Peachmade Limited) in 2003, as Managing Director, and has seen the company expand to multiple shops and an Art Gallery as well as the website and other services,and then contract again till moving off teh High Street to go 100% online in MAY 2020.

Trevor's responsibilities include general accounting, order-processing and back office duties, and he IS often up to his neck in herbs and potions. He makes many of the items for the shops, especially the wands, incenses and candles! Latest projects include sorting all the stock after the shop closure, and a bit og garden leave!

He lives with Liz on the moors near Glastonbury in a smallholding with a menagerie and a cider orchard to tend.

With a solid IT Consultancy career behind him, he signed up for the Open University, finally attaining a BA Hons in Classical Studies in 2010. He has chosen to halt his studies for the foreseeable future.

In 2007, he was diagnosed with throat cancer, and had to undergo a course of Radio & Chemotherapy combined. Through his own healing and that of many others around the world, he has made a full and rapid recovery, and is pleased that he hs now been released back into the wild by his oncology team.

He likes gardening, when he has time, Horse Racing (especially the Jumps), and American Football, has a 12 foot high 'TO READ' pile.....


Dr Liz Williams joined the company in 2005 as General Services Director, and her main duties include Communications, Course design, Financial Control, & Art Gallery matters.

Born and raised in Gloucester, she subsequently spent many happy years in Brighton before moving back to the West to be closer to her family. She studied at Cambridge (Magdalene College), achieving a PhD in Philosophy of Science. She is a world renowned Science Fiction Author, with 16 novels and numerous short stories published to date.

She is an avid and very fast reader, and reviews books and artwork for the shops. She as also a regular in the Magick Box shop, where she could often be seen with her Apple Mac developing her latest novel or working on appraisals for others, or designing new courses and workshops for our growing Cauldron of Learning series.

A highly experienced Tarot and oracle reader, she is happy to take bookings for online consultations.

In 2020 she published Miracles of Our Own Making, a history of British Paganism, which has received many plaudits from both the academic and the pagan worlds.

Latest projects include writing a couple more novels, articles for an expat website, and generally trying to push back the tide of stuff which came back from the shop and doesn't have permanent homes yet.....











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