Witchcraft/Pixie Tailor 7 Market Place, Glastonbury,

Cat & Cauldron 7 Market Place, Glastonbury

Purveyors of fine esoteric goods to the discerning witch

Opening Hours for Cat & Cauldron in Glastonbury

Normal Spring/Summer Shop hours (till October) - SEVEN DAYS A WEEK

SUNDAY - FRIDAY DAILY - 11:00 till 16:30 ONLY

SATURDAY - 10:30 till 17:00 ONLY


- however - we may still need the odd day off -

email us if you want to make sure!



Earlier or later by appointment only -

but after studying Glastonbury visitor habits,

we'd rather be open when you WANT us to be here!

If the DOING CAT STUFF sign is out, you will probably find us in the George & Pilgrims if you can't wait!.....

  Tarot readings are currently only available online - please book direct from the website or email!


Cat & Cauldron is right in Market Square. Look for our Witchcraft A-board

- the Black & White Witch with Cauldron.


All enquiries via email only please -


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