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7 Market Place, Glastonbury
Somerset BA6 9HW, UK

Email:  Witchcraft Shop


Herbal and Cosmetic Supplies - and all associated sundries.


Please note -

All our herbs are of the highest pharmaceutical or culinary grade (except where marked).

HOWEVER - We have to inform you that we are NOT qualified herbalists, and as such, under the terms of the various Medicines Acts, we cannot and WILL NOT prescribe, recommend, or provide any information regarding symptoms, conditions or dosages; to comply with the above legislation, our herbal products are specifically sold for aromatic purposes only, and you must accept full responsibility for any other use.

Please contact a qualified herbalist for advice if you are using our herbs for any other reason, or if you wish to study the subject yourself, there are many books on controlling your own health, and many websites carry information on herbal medicines.

We can sell you ANY of these products, and they are the best quality available. We simply CANNOT ADVISE or prescribe.

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