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7 Market Place, Glastonbury
Somerset BA6 9HW, UK

Email:  Witchcraft Shop


A small but excellent selection of Pagan and Witchcraft magazines - independently produced with love and care for the Old ways.

Something to suit all tastes and paths

We are proud to be associated with these magazines - they are a perfect medium for getting a positive Pagan message across.

We will gladly consider your magazine for distribution - contact us for details.

BACK NUMBERS often available for all these titles - email us to ask - at current cover price only - an excellent way to catch up on what you missed!

4 items found

A brilliant but now defunct star on the block, and great value

4 issues were printed, and we still have plenty of each as back issues.

The articles are not dated, so these can be read any time!

If you want a specific issue please email.


If you email me and ask for all 4, I will send them to you for the price of 3! Just go ahead and order on here and we will sort the amount out before your card is charged!
(approx 3.18EUR)
(approx 3.46USD)

A4 Glossy well produced - the journal of the Pagan Federation, published 4 times a year.

As of December 2019 we have now ceased stocking this as we will be closing in May, and do not expect online sales to warrant the web entry.

We still have the current winter issue, and some back issues as well - ask if you want anything other than the latest

PS - yes the picture shows a previous issue!
(approx 4.26EUR)
(approx 4.63USD)
This item has limited availability.
Please contact us for more information.

The Journal of the Society of the Inner Light.

As of Winter 2019 are ceasing to print.

Previously published quarterly.

A more serious approach to spiritual matters mainly pertaining to developments from Dion Fortune's magical foundations.

A4 on excellent quality paper.

Back numbers available in limited runs - email for a list.

We wish them every future success in spreading the Light.
(approx 4.54EUR)
(approx 4.94USD)
This item has limited availability.
Please contact us for more information.

Journal of Children of Artemis

A5 format colour throughout - brilliantly produced.

Excellent mix of 'light read' and more serious articles on all matters witchy and Pagan - which is exactly as it should be - Childern of Artemis was founded initially to serve the younger British Pagan community, who of course themselves are now getting older.....

As of winter 2019, we are withdrawing supply of magazines in preparation for our move away from the High Street in may 2020 - by all means contact us if you require a current copy, but please not we no longer have aback numbers.....
(approx 3.97EUR)
(approx 4.32USD)
This item has limited availability.
Please contact us for more information.

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