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7 Market Place, Glastonbury
Somerset BA6 9HW, UK

Email:  Witchcraft Shop


Fine selection of hand-made candles - standard altar, beeswax altar, and beeswax spiral ritual (for your specific spellwork).

ALL OUR RITUAL CANDLES ARE NOW DESIGNED AND MADE EXCLUSIVELY BY OURSELVES WITH LOVE AND MAGICKAL INTENT. Being hand-made, finish and colour may vary, but that is all part of the magic.

A FULL RANGE OF PARAFFIN-WAX BASED - PROPER SOLID COLOUR CANDLES MADE SPECIFICALLY FOR ALL MAGICAL RITUAL, WITH ADDED BEESWAX FOR SMOOTHER BURNING AND SWEETER SCENT. Please note that ALL our paraffin candles are made to order now, and as such please order in good time and be patient with us - hand-made BY ME!

100% BEESWAX ROLLS AND SPELL SPIRALS - Glittered, some spangled with symbols, and crystals added to boost the energy of your candle magic, these are just perfect for that extra-special spell or ritual - if you don't see what you need - ASK - we will create a design specially for you!

They make great seasonal or house blessing gifts too!

And made by Witchcraft - simple beeswax rolled candles for ritual. Many prefer the smell of beeswax burning.

We also have a good range of altar sets - (Chakra, Moon, Ritual Quarters, etc) - use these for ritual or as gifts - or individual colours in sets of four for colour magic or coven supplies.

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