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7 Market Place, Glastonbury
Somerset BA6 9HW, UK

Email:  Witchcraft Shop


Magical advice and psychic consultancy, and client-based, individually tailored spellwork.

Trevor is an experienced independent occultist, and offers his wisdom and advice, and where necessary, specific spellwork. We are prepared to discuss any magical or spiritual problems no matter howsoever caused, and we do not judge.

Individual counselling sessions are available with Trevor, who will treat your enquiry with absolute discretion and confidentiality.

Spellwork undertaken for any (legal) purpose.

This is an individually tailored service, and fees will be negotiated depending on the work involved.

We have been offering this service quietly and privately since Witchcraft was formed many years ago, but recently, spirit has been nudging us in this direction until the point where it has become obvious that we have no choice in making it available to our worldwide clientele.

Contact Trevor via email or through the Cat & Cauldron shop - we regret we cannot discuss this kind of work by phone

Legal Disclaimer.

Under the False Mediums Act, we are LEGALLY obliged to inform you that we make no claims as to the efficacy of any of our products or services, which are sold for entertainment purposes only. Small print over.

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Please settle against this line.
(approx 39.73EUR)
(approx 43.25USD)

A one-off private Spell.

DO NOT ORDER against this item yet! The price is set high so you do not order it until the real fee has been discussed with you via email.

Legal Notice :

To comply with the terms of the False Mediums Act, I have to advise you that all such work is for 'entertainment purposes' only, and no specific outcome is implied or guaranteed.

By placing an order you are specifically agreeing to these terms of business.

Trevor Jones
Peachmade Limited
(approx 1362.20EUR)
(approx 1482.75USD)

This is a hard spell to perform, and as with all spellwork there are no guarantees.

It includes a full Tarot reading - which will help guide us to the best way to proceed.

Please go ahead and order and we will be in touch for more information which you will need to answer honestly.
(approx 68.11EUR)
(approx 74.14USD)

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