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A small section for bespoke tools for Egyptian rites. These will be made to order only unless we happen to find sensibly priced supplies for you.

Please expect a wait of at least 2 months as we are constantly battling to keep on top of commission work!

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Power staff of many middle kingdom gods - made to commission and available for glastonbury collection only.

A commission will take at least three months.

As priced here, the shaft will be pine, and the terminal will be a rudimentary carved canine head, ears & eyes, with a two-pointed tail.

It will be oiled and beeswaxed for protection unless you wish it decorated.

If you require any further work, let us know and we will quote for it.

Picture to follow
(approx 141.63EUR)
(approx 151.97USD)
This item has limited availability.
Please contact us for more information.

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